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Entrust the Happiness and Safety of Your Cherished Loved One to Our Outstanding, Reliable Services… Entrust the Happiness and Safety of Your Cherished Loved One to Our Outstanding, Reliable Services… Entrust the Happiness and Safety of Your Cherished Loved One to Our Outstanding, Reliable Services… Entrust the Happiness and Safety of Your Cherished Loved One to Our Outstanding, Reliable Services…


Dear Susan,
Before my mother’s discharge from the Rehab, the social worker gave me A Happy Heart’s contact information and stated that she highly recommended your agency --- but stated that there were others that were available too. So I checked out a few of the others before I called you, but after I met with you I felt very, very confident that my Mom would be in good hands. You had a way in which you spoke that made me feel reassured that your caregivers were going to keep Mom safe and happy – and that was the most important thing to me.

Now, I am writing because it has now been almost two years --- and your aides continue to do wonders with Mom. She is happy and safe and in her own home. Also, I have referred A Happy Heart to my neighbor whose father now requires full-time home care and also to a co-worker. Thank you so much for your caring and compassionate way.

Mary G., Westford MA

To: Susan, A Happy Heart Home Care
I am writing this note on behalf of my entire family to show appreciation for all of the kindness and sincerity you and your staff showed while caring for my beloved aunt/Godmother. They kept Aunt Agnes safe and happy and gave extra meaning to her life during the almost two years that she received 24-hour home care. The daytime aides and those who did the overnights were always willing to do “extra” things to make Auntie feel special! Another “thank you” for taking the extra steps needed to help us whenever she needed to go into Boston for her treatments. Choosing A Happy Heart for her home care was the best decision ever.

Carmela A., Winchester MA

You definitely go above and beyond in the care of your patients. Every single thing in your brochure is the truth. I remember reading it the first time when the Social Worker at MHR gave it to me after the Discharge Planning meeting---I remember saying that this agency, A Happy Heart LLC, seems wonderful---but how can this be possible---because we had another agency and because of their poor home care my mother was left unattended, fell and suffered a broken hip and that is why we were here in a rehab hospital---

I was skeptical, as I told you and the social worker, because of our past experience with the other agency---but I was reassured that your agency was different. Now, thanks to you and A Happy Heart In-Home Care, Mother is recovering from surgery and walking with help of physical therapists – and your dedicated CNAs helping with her daily exercises, making her stronger every day. We appreciate the special Aides that you carefully assigned to Mom’s care; they take care to attend to her every need, especially keeping her safe. Our Mom naturally still has the memory impairment, but now we feel so safe and secure and content---to thank you and your staff a million times would not be enough. We are all thrilled with the conscientiousness and professionalism of everyone at A Happy Heart. You fulfill all the promises you made at our first meeting. Keep up the fantastic work you do.

Thank you,
Romina and Family of Mrs. P

Happy Holidays to A Happy Heart!
I am writing to say Merry Christmas and also to Thank You, Susan, and your husband Joe, who also has been so helpful to both my parents—as well as to me and my brother, Carl. Even though I live only 20-30 minutes away and my brother lives just around the corner from our parents in Andover, we want you to know how we appreciate your kindnesses, more than anyone could ever imagine. So many times our driveway or sidewalk was icy or snowy – and Joe had already stopped by to clear the way for the aides – before we could even go there ourselves. Both our mother and father truly love the aides, and we are grateful that you can offer services of male CNAs for Dad—because of his personal needs, that is a lifesaver for him.  They are both very happy with the compassion and care you and your staff provide. We feel the same.  Everyone at A Happy Heart goes above and beyond, and you truly are an agency that cares.

Happy Holidays,
Bertha H., Windham NH

My heartfelt Thank-You goes out to you and all of the aides at A Happy Heart Home Care for the loving care and comfort you gave to my Dad. You were angels. This last year was the most difficult of my entire life. I appreciate your thoughtful and loving support to my Mom as well; you helped her physically and emotionally. Dad loved all of “his aides” – both male and female aides treated him with such love and dignity. Thank you for attending the funeral services and for the beautiful floral arrangement and Spiritual Mass Remembrance. We will never forget you and the love you shared with Dad.

Betty P., North Reading MA

My husband and I would like to thank you and the staff of A Happy Heart Home Care. Each and every CNA helped me through the long process of recovering from my hip and shoulder injury and surgery. All were exceptional, caring, and understanding. I especially owe a lot of gratitude for my progress to Marina and Betty—from day one, they were encouraging and positive about my recovery. We were all aware of the long road to my recovery because of my other medical issues, but your aides somehow showed me how our positive thinking would give me strength. I remember when I first met you that you said your aides were special and would help me in my difficult situation; they truly were wonderful, and as you promised, Susan, they did in fact give me daily physical therapy exercises that the PT demonstrated for them. I believe that those daily exercises - and the genuine caring of your aides - helped me to walk again and to be happy again. Thank you, Susan.

Maureen and Jerry C., Billerica

Dear Susan,
I’m sending you this note just to say a special Thank You for all that you do. From the first day you and your aides walked into my Dad’s life he has been smiling and happier than he has been in a long time. It has been hard at times with his medical condition as it is, but your staff are always courteous and willing to help in every possible way. James has been especially one of our favorite caregivers over the past year (He has become my Dad’s friend.), but you need to know that the Aides are ALL knowledgeable, professional, and great. And what makes me happy is that you all know how to make “Mr. Hank” feel special and safe in his home.

Jackie P., Stoneham MA

Dear Staff of Happy Heart Home Care and Susan,
My family and I commend you for making a wonderful difference in our parents’ lives. At first, you provided care for only Daddy (John), but now both Mum, Helen, and John need home health care, and you have enriched their lives in such a great way. We are so grateful for everything that you do (the big things and the extra special little things too).

Candace S., Dracut MA

A Happy Heart, Susan:
I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful service provided when I called your Agency last summer, looking for assistance to care for my mother, who had suffered a mild stroke. Even though you understood that the service was needed for a short period because my job was transferring me out of the country for 3 or 4 months, you did not hesitate. You met me at a time convenient for me that same day, and your demeanor was very professional and warm and helped me to feel at ease. The next day you introduced us to your two nursing assistants who would be my mother’s live-in caregivers. You explained how it was necessary to have two Aides when there is 24-hour care for an extended period of time, and you understood why we did not want too many different people coming in and out. I was happy to learn that you feel the same way and make it a practice not to assign too many aides to a patient. Well, my mother absolutely loved Christina and Rosemary. Both were fun and professional and personable. She grew fond of both of them. In fact, my company transfer lasted 10 months, and I flew in on weekends to visit. Your girls went out of their way to make the difficult time as comfortable as possible. Now that I am back home in the USA and mom’s health is better, we thank you and A Happy Heart for all of your caring service and help.

Marie I, Groveland MA

“…I wish to add that in my experience, the attention to detail, compassion, and accomplishment of services were beyond excellent. Your personal selection of Matilda as the Caregiver for Mom was perfect in every regard. She was an exceptional facilitator of services and a great companion during this difficult transition. She is a real asset to A Happy Heart Home Care. Thank you, Susan.

Charles M., Methuen MA

Susan, I learned about A Happy Heart In-Home Care after reading an ad in a local paper and also from our Senior Newsletter. My husband suffers from Parkinson’s. After I read your website, I felt comfortable enough to call for assistance. You offered the services of two fine caregivers; we have been more than satisfied with both Amos and Gabriel. They are both professional and efficient at all times and also very caring. They are making the both of us feel safe and my husband has been smiling more than ever. My only mistake is---I wish that I had called you long before this. Thank you for everything.

Mrs. Peter A., Groveland MA

Dear Susan,
A Happy Heart Home Care has been supplying 24-hour live-in caregivers to my dear friend and neighbor for approximately six years. When I needed care for my mother three years ago, my neighbor’s daughter recommended that I call you. Matching personalities and demeanor of a caregiver to work well with a client is an art and a challenge…The last three years saw a wonderful rotation of aides who were so caring, compassionate, and thoughtful and who also meshed well with my mom, Caroline. I cannot thank you enough.

Paulette M., Tewksbury MA

We discovered Happy Heart home care by way of discharge planning nurses and social workers. I really do not know how I would have managed without Susan and her care staff. Susan is always available to speak with me and always takes time to listen. She cares that my Dad is making progress and that I am OK too and my Mom. Susan and I connected since she too is an only child, and she had a sincere understandings about my feelings and cares and concerns about my father’s safety in the home. Susan and her entire team of caregivers are dependable and extremely helpful to all of us – and more comforting than we can say.

Kathleen D., Boxford MA

Dear Susan,
Thank you for the wonderful care you and your caring Aides gave my John in his final months and days. I will never forget your kindness and help. I wish you great success. You are filling such an important need by providing care with sincere concern and professionalism.

Barbara and Family

Dear Susan and Staff of A Happy Heart,
I would like to take a minute to thank you and Happy Heart CNAs for the wonderful, infinite support and care of my father, Harry, over the past two and a half years. I want to commend Elsa and Kim for their heartfelt compassion in the special care they gave to my father as his health declined. Also, Susan, thank you for the sweet treats you would surprise him with; his face and eyes glowed with delight whenever you visited with your plates full of goodies. You knew the way to his heart---through his sweet tooth.

Thank you so much,
Bessie D., Groveland MA

I want to put in writing how grateful I am to you, Susan, your agency, and also your Aides Bertha and Helena for all the fabulous care they are giving my 95-year-old aunt. We have had a special bond since I was a child, I had to find the best help available. The Caregivers are all reliable, honest, compassionate, and patient with her beyond belief; they are able to interact well with her, and often times that is difficult because of her progressive dementia. I am so impressed with how considerate and attentive your staff members are. As you know, because I work and live in Concord, I needed to be sure that my aunt was in good hands. You and your aides have given me great peace of mind about her happiness and safety in her home.

Thank you for your wonderful work ethic,
Jessie B., Concord

Dear Susan,
I am writing this note of gratitude to place in your Agency records. Since I am a medical professional/therapist and arrived at the point that my own mother was to be discharged from the Rehab and now requiring live-in home care assistance, I was overwhelmed with fear and trepidation. When A Happy Heart was recommended (and other agencies were mentioned as well), I was unsure—but after reading your literature and the information on your website, I felt a little better. But after I met with you, I felt much more secure that you were the right choice. In my line of work, I interact with Aides from time to time---but I had never had dealings with Aides from A Happy Heart. However, the nursing assistants you assigned are exceptional Caregivers in every aspect imaginable; they are very compassionate, honest, warm, highly qualified, dedicated, and so much more. It has been more than one year now, and I feel so happy with the present condition of Mom – and with the level of professional care you provide. I want you to know that I have recommended your Agency to friends and professional colleagues looking for home health assistance, and I will continue to recommend you.

Thank you, from my heart…
Pauletta N., Bradford MA

Dear Susan,
How nice it was of you to remember my Dad’s birthday! It was a surprise to see you at my parents’ house when my husband and I popped in unexpectedly with a cake. He loved your gift and card and your cake also! You are spoiling him!!! My mother really loved the flowers you brought too. They report to me all about your conversations with my parents; they also love your husband Joe---they love hearing his Italian cooking stories. Since we live out of state and chat by telephone daily and try to visit weekly, it is comforting to hear the joy you bring to them both. Also, please give our thanks to Bonnie and Lidia---I know that this job is quite challenging at times, and I appreciate  their continued excellent care and dedication. They are absolute angels.

Thank you again.
Angela O., Meredith NH